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Exploring Seoul, Korea

Seoul, the heart of the nation and home to 10 million national and foreign residents, is a world-class city where contemporary lifestyle meets long-standing history. Seoul houses 266 cultural properties including five grand royal palaces, and is also a proud epicenter of the “Korean Wave” pop culture that is adored by many. Every corner of Seoul is packed with friendly residents and extraordinary restaurants, teeming with ultra-modern streetscapes and dashing natural landscapes. Seoul indeed is a place of boundless discoveries, where no two visits are alike. For more information, please click here.



Seoul was the capital of Korea for more than 600 years and is still the proud capital of the Republic of Korea today. Traces of the city’s time-honored legacy can be found everywhere at the royal palaces, royal tombs and Jongmyo Shrine of the Joseon Dynasty. Seoul’s modern culture is equally well-represented, with a wealth of museums and galleries scattered all over the city.

Entertainment & Shopping

Seoul is an exciting city, having all-year round access to various leisure and entertainment spots. Seoul invites many famous performers and provides world’s celebrated fine arts programs and performances. Seoul houses infinite numbers of shops that have everything one needs to shop.


Seoul is well-guided in English and friendly multilingual Seoulites are there to help at all times. Seoul boasts an extensive public transportation system including subway, bus, and taxi serviced in four languages.

Land of Green 

Seoul is graced by the River Han that flows through the centre of the city. The city's abundant natural environment is preserved by implementing eco-friendly policies and practices. There are numbers of large scale and extensive urban and natural renewal projects being undertaken to reshape the face of the city. 


When traveling a foreign city, food is always an issue. Often it is too expensive, too exotic, of too bad quality or bit of everything. Seoul has a little taste of home. From European to African and Arabic to Asian, international cuisines with Korean traditional and modern gastronomy, all participants regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or religion will be satisfied with a full stomach, all available at a low and affordable price range.

Safety & Security

In the midst of natural and manmade disasters witnessed across the globe, delegate safety is one of the key factors that a conference destination should guarantee. Over the past few years, Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey has ranked Seoul in the Top 10 cities for personal safety and quality of living in the Asia Pacific region. When it comes to safety, elements including the use of firearms and illicit drugs as well as crime rates against persons should be given careful consideration. The use of firearms and illicit drugs is strictly prohibited for nationals and foreign residents in Korea. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, crime rates against nationals in Korea remain in the lowest-rated tier, rated at 0.9 in comparison to Americas at 16.3, Africa at 12.5, Europe and Oceania at 3.0 and Asia at 2.9. Likewise, any types of crimes against foreigners are extremely rare in Korea.

Information Communication Technology

Being one of the world’s most advanced ICT capitals, no other nation is virtually connected as Seoul. Seoul also serves the world as the testbed of new technologies, by way of housing the world’s top industries.


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