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KSEM (Korean Society of Emergency Medicine)
  • The Korean Society of Emergency Medicine was launched in 1989 to meet the increasing needs of supporting emergency patients in Korea. Since its launch, the Soceity has been at the forefront of leading the development of emergency medicine in country and beyond, conducting and initiating various activities including training programs, domestic/regional/international conferences, lectures, researches and seminars. With over 1,300 active members working in diverse sub-committess and branch societies, the Society has worked at its full capacity in settling the emergency medicine at medical universities and hospitals across the nation in the past decades. In-depth researches offering mobile medical units, training programs and other services, have also been conducted with associated organizations, assisting underprivileged countries including Congo and Sri Lanka.

KSEM’s Mission

The Korean Society of Emergency Medicine Physicians provide the highest quality of emergency care for people and also bring the dignity and worth of the KSEM members through the training the human resources, research, policy development.

KSEM’s Core Values

The values of the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine Physicians are:

Our members are always awake and working toward promoting health and safety of people.

We are considering the future of emergency medicine.

Emergency physicians are keeping up with creative research and academic excellence.

Society members always accompany us to more comfort care environment.

People enjoy the best emergency care within Korea whenever and wherever.

We are pursuing the best leader and company with the all-party group on in all fields of the emergency medicine.

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