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Mass CPR Parade


The Korean Society of Emergency Medicine(KSEM) has been making efforts for 30 years on saving precious life through early access to sudden cardiac arrest, dissemination of bystander CPR, and continuous transfer of professional resuscitation during transport.

We have been running the event called ‘CPR Run’ and it is held on Songdo, Incheon where academic assembly is held. Members of KSEM have been participated, and the motive of this event is to spread ‘bystander CPR’. Furthermore, we get donations from community AED companies, and deliver the products to social disadvantaged class in each communities where regional conferences have been held. Also, let community to manage and use them through installation, education, and publicity.

In sequence of this event, ICEM 2019 is planning to held ‘Mass CPR Parade’ during the conference. Bystander CPR, CPR survivors, and emergency medical personnel will participate in the parade and will promote resuscitation and public access defibrillators(PADs) to Seoul citizens and participants.

Mass CPR Parade aims to promote emergency medicine in Korea. Please take part in this heartwarming march to Jamsil Han-river Park and enjoy ‘Chimaek – Koreans’ favorite fried chicken with beer’ in a lovely riverside.


• Date: June 13(Thu), 2019
• Time: 17:30-20:00
• Starting Point: North Gate, 1F, COEX
• Schedule

Time Program
17:00~18:15 Marching Parade to ‘Jamsil Han-river Park’ (40 minutes on foot)
18:30~18:45 Special rescue performance by Seoul 119 Special Rescue Service
18:55~19:00 Congratulatory address
18:15~19:55 ‘Chimaek (Fried Chicken and Beer)’ Party
• Ground transportation back to hotels will not be provided.
• Please collect an information card at the registration desks for fried chicken and beer.

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