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Paediatric Emergency Medicine Marketplace


Paediatric Emergency Medicine Marketplace

Organized by

IFEM Pediatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group (PEMSIG)

Schedule / Location

Thursday June 13th - 13:30-16:30 h – Hall E Lobby (3F)



Session Description

The IFEM Pediatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group (PEMSIG) is organizing a Marketplace in an open setting in which delegates are welcome to walk around our defined “stalls” staffed with Pediatric EM experts for 10 different countries who will be discussing important and relevant Pediatric Emergency care topics in a casual and open format.
During this session guests will get to talk personally with renowned experts in pediatric care who will discuss and answer any questions on important pediatric topics: 

Topics and Speaker Information

1. PEM SIG Information (Membership/Projects) Camilo Gutierrez (USA) / Adriana Yock (CR) / Ffion Davis (UK)
2. Bronchiolitis – what’s new? Stuart Dalziel (NZ) /  Simon Craig (AUS)
3.  Pediatric Burn Patients Isabel Barata (USA) 
4.  Closed Head Injury Prediction   Rules Franz Babl (AUS) / Simon Chu (Aus)
5.  Toxicological Exposures Chong Shu-ling  (Sing) / Ronald Tan (Sing)
6.  Pediatric and Neonatal CPR Prinetha Moodley (SA)/ Liliana Caceres (ARG)
7.  Procedural Sedation Rodrick Lim (CAN) / 
8.  Trauma Assessment  David Walker (USA)
9. Telemedicine in PEM and social media Hezi Waisman (ISR) / Haiko Jahn (UK)



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