Miguel Montorfano Clemente Alvarez Emergency Hospital Rosario, Argentina
Miguel Montorfano, is an specialist in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, specialist in Ultrasound and specialist in Emergency Medicine. He is the coordinator of Critical Ultrasound Education and chair of the Ultrasound & Doppler Department in the Emergency Hospital “Clemente Alvarez” of Rosario, Argentina (HECA). Dr. Montorfano is member of the board of Certification and Recertification in Ultrasound and Echo Doppler at the Medical College of Rosario. He is the coordinator of the annual elective subject for medical students: “Point of care ultrasound in Primary Care and critical patients” at the National University of Rosario. In addition, he is founding member and past president of the Ultrasound Society of Rosario and past vice president of the Argentina Federation of Societies of Ultrasound and Echo Doppler. He has authored two books on ultrasound and several chapters and articles of the specialty. He has been involved in the organization of training courses and national and international congresses on ultrasound during the past 20 years. He has lectured about critical ultrasound in more than 24 countries all around the world. Dr. Montorfano is the Director of the Winfocus International Training Unit of Rosario. He is the immediate Past President of WINFOCUS World and currently the coordinator of WINFOCUS Latin America. His main interest is promoting and teaching the use of focal ultrasound in developing and isolated regions to improve the healthcare in those regions.

School of Medicine. National University of Rosario, 1983 Board certified in Medicine (Argentina) School of Medicine, National University of Rosario, 1987 Specialist in Internal Medicine- Gastroenterology Fellowship in Ultrasound in internal Medicine. Universita degli Study di Bologna, Italy. 1987 Medical College of Rosario, 1994 Specialist in General Ultrasound. Medical College of Rosario, 2012 Specialist in Emergency and Disaster Medicine