How New Technologies are Transforming Emergency Medical Care!
Information and communication technologies (ICT) play a vital role in daily practice of Emergency Medicine. With development of ICT, it is expected that new technologies will improve information sharing, resource allocation, communication, and collaboration among emergency medical services (EMS) and emergency departments (EDs) of hospitals. Digital health innovations making patients the point-of-care could become a great help for first responders and emergency physician in the battle against time. I would like to share my experience of developing the real time telemetry (RTS) system and the application of the new technology to the emergency medical services system. Despite advantages such as providing evidence-centered prehospital care, the utilization rate of this technology is law. There are many factors in accepting and using new IT technologies. To accept this new technology, a variety of associated factors should be taken into consideration. As an RTS is used for patients at the scene of an emergency, its successful introduction requires consideration of the individual characteristics of both the patient and the environment. The clinical, social, and organizational factors that had a positive effect on the intent to use new ICT technologies can be used to construct a management plan to promote RTS use more successfully. Also, with the development of the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, diagnostic tools can be trained to read radiologic scans. AI algorithms have recently made huge advances in automatically diagnosing diseases and predicting the disease, making diagnostics cheaper and more accessible. AI can assess the risk of sudden cardiac death or other heart diseases based on electrocardiograms and cardiac images. More advanced AI diagnostics are coming soon. I will review what trends and technologies will have an impact on the future of emergency medicine. The use of new technologies in ICT and AI are improving the quality of emergency medical care.