Over a mere 50 years, Emergency Medicine has developed into a thriving specialty with a unique clinical practice and with a global reach that extends way beyond the emergency department itself. It is the only population-based medical specialty. It has evolved into a system of care, led by emergency medicine practitioners skilled in management and operations. Emergency Medicine is a specialty that provides a wellspring for leadership, with growing numbers of emergency physicians involved in institutional and organizational leadership. Many are attracted to Health Services and Health Informatics data analysis and research. Entrepreneurship is our middle name- EMtrepreneurs - . Emergency Physicians develop web-based apps, decision tools, blogs, posts, and multimedia to teach learners and colleagues around the world. Emergency Medicine TeleHealth is a growing field, a natural for disaster management, urgent care, web-based care on demand, and assistance in rural or remote clinical situations. Nothing could stop us 50 years ago, and nothing will stop us now!