Luis Garcia-Castrillo Riesgo European Society for Emergency Medicine, Spain
Positions EMS (Prehospital System) Cantabria Community Medical Director: 1999 Emergency Department University Hospital Marques Valdecilla Chief Director University of Cantabria EM Associated Professor Foundation Marques de Valdecilla. Centro de Estudios de Medicina de Urgencias (CEMU) Director of Training Programs. Master en “Clinical Epidemiology, and research design”  

Design and implementation
Training centers on Emergency Medicine:
• Uruguay 1994
• Colombia, 1996
Training centers on Disasters.
• Colombia, 1998  

ED design and implementation
Hospital Laredo, Hospital Sierrallana. Hospital Valdecilla  

Other positions related with Research activities
Research Consultant University Hospital Marques de Valdecilla.
Member of the National Commission of Research Applications, Spanish
National Health System (FISS).1995-2013.
Scientific Secretary Spanish Emergency Medicine Society (2001-2008)
Vice president Spanish Emergency Medicine Society (2008-2012)
EuSEM Research Committee Chair (2012-2014)
EuSEM Vice president (2014-2017)
EUSEM President (2019)