Global Challenges for Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine is one of the newer medical specialties in the world of medicine. Since the creation of the first professional ‘Emergency Medicine’ organization (the Casualty Surgeons Association) in the UK, its spread and acceptance round the world has been enormous but not total. The initial period witnessed difficulties in being recognized as a specialty and it still remains an issue in many countries. The creation of International Federation for Emergency Medicine in 1990 has made a huge difference in the voice being heard.   Whilst a lot of progress has been made in developed and even developing counties, the specialty of Emergency Medicine still has challenges in terms of access block, resources, staffing, defining curriculum, academic developments etc. Geographical and cultural variations, disease profile, political and economical factors of individual country have raised different expectations in the users of Emergency Departments.   I will look at global challenges, how some countries have either solved or intend to meet with challenges and what are the possibilities of international organizations role in helping them to solve.